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read and write serial I2C eeprom devices
eep24c is a program that can read and write I2C serial eeprom
Currently supported devices are:
24c01, 24c02, 24c04, 24c08, 24c16, 24c32, 24c64, 24c128,
24c256, 24c512 and 24xx515
This program uses Intelhex file format.
It comes also with two file converters: ihex2txt and txt2ihex
that can help the user to edit data inside Intelhex files.
It needs a hardware to connect the eeprom to the parallel port
of the PC. See /usr/share/doc/eep24c/ for hardware schematics.
The hardware was designed to be simple and inexpensive.
The source code can also be compiled to work in DOS.
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